I participated on Birthright Israel in July 2013 – with a special group made up of Canadians with Russian origins. One of my group madrichim (trip staff) would eventually become my wife! We met on this trip so it’s easy to understand why I will forever be indebted for receiving this amazing gift!

One of my trip highlights was welcoming Shabbat in Jerusalem; arriving at the Kotel before sunset, seeing Shabbat come in at the Kotel, and walking back to the hotel was so spiritually uplifting. (It goes without saying that also meeting Dina, my wife, was a highlight!). I was also so thankful that the trip allowed me to reconnect with my family in Israel, as I extended my trip after 10 days.

Today, I am involved in order to continue the Birthright Israel experience for future generations. I believe that trip alumni are able to support the YLC and BRIFC currently, and should contribute to allow future generations to have the same experience.