Your gift enables the following:

Icon Candles

$30 Provides a Shabbat meal for one participant

Icon Tent

$72 Gives a participant a night under the stars in a Bedouin tent

Icon Magen David

$100 Enables an afternoon exploring Jerusalem

Icon Night

$500 Sponsors a participant for one day

Icon Mountain

$500 Sends a Birthright Israel group on a hike up Masada

Icon Partner

$1,500 Sends one Israeli participant on a Birthright Israel trip, as part of the Mifgash (encounter)

Icon Plane

$5,000 Sends one participant on the life-changing trip

Icon Presentation
Icon Bus

$180,000 Sends an entire bus of participants on a life-changing Birthright Israel trip

Other giving opportunities are available. Please contact Evgenia Klavir to discuss further – 416-398-7785 ext. 6.

Girls in Market

Brandeis Study Results

Since the inception of Birthright Israel, Brandeis University has conducted research through the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies with participants upon the return of their trip. The studies are to measure the long-term effects of Birthright Israel and the participants’ choices as they relate to Jewish life. The majority of these statistics are reflective of the 2017 Brandeis study.