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Why Give?

Birthright Israel is an extremely relevant, vital and impactful Jewish organization in today’s current climate of heightened challenges facing the Jewish community. It is critical that young adults learn about our homeland and our people not on social media but in person, on the ground – an antidote to all the misinformation, and receive the opportunity to ask questions and seek answers on their terms. Studies show, when people are asked about Israel prior to going, they use words like: “desert, a war zone, always in conflict, desolate.” After experiencing Israel, those words change to “modern, high-tech, beautiful, culturally diverse”.

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Why Now?

Because you can help ensure this gift is here for years to come and secure a Jewish future. 

We have achieved great success, gifting more than 43,000 Canadian Jewish young adults with this once-in-a-lifetime journey to Israel, but our work is not done. 

Your gift enables Birthright Israel Foundation of Canada to have the necessary resources to continue to help Jewish young adults from across Canada to embark on the life-changing journey that is Birthright Israel and build lasting connections to the Jewish people, the land of Israel and their Jewish identity now and forever.

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Why Us?

Birthright Israel has become the leading educational platform in the Jewish world. And it has proved how it has transformed Jewish lives. When you join our family of annual donors, you become a stakeholder in the Jewish future, and make an impact on the lives of Jewish young adults, and generations to come.

There are other stakeholders such as the Government of Israel and local Jewish community federations who contribute, but the cost to send participants has risen and the majority of our funding must come from our generous private donors and foundations. 

There are so many more waiting to receive this life-changing gift. Your support helps us achieve this.