As a family, we have long been connected to Israel. Our family trips included many visits to Israel as it was our parents’ — Cary & Ruthi’s — priority to keep Israel close to our hearts. This all culminated when both David and Ryan had the opportunity to participate on Taglit-Birthright Israel. The trip reinforced our personal touchpoints as proud Jews and supporters of Israel, and, in addition, our trip allowed us to experience Israel in a way we never had before. We were able to see things from such varying perspectives, since every participant brought a new dimension to our group and we had never before travelled in Israel with a peer group.

Today, we are still benefitting from this incredible gift. So many relationships resulted from these trips and so much more heart and commitment to our Jewish living and Jewish community came out of the experience. As a family business, we are proud to be corporate sponsors of the Birthright Israel Foundation of Canada. We are committed because we know first-hand how the program has and continues to positively shape so many lives, including our own. We are also privileged to assist many other organizations in our community.