Asper Foundation

Israel Asper z”l and Babs Asper z”l, established The Asper Foundation with the belief that philanthropy is a driving force behind positive change in people’s quality of life. They demonstrated this through their countless charitable support and we are so proud to carry on that legacy. As such, we are committed supporters of the Taglit-Birthright Israel program, as well as special flight subsidies for Canadian participants who reside outside of Toronto and Montreal. These subsidies allow participants to connect to their overseas flights to Israel. Being based out of Winnipeg, our Foundation particularly appreciates the need to ensure the Taglit-Birthright Israel program is easily accessible to ALL Canadians, regardless of where they live in the country. Our support has enabled participation from places like Nanaimo, BC and the Maritime provinces. We are particularly proud that the fight subsidies are a special offering unique to Canada. And our support has been ongoing since we’ve seen the positive influence the gift of Taglit-Birthright Israel has achieved. We have received many personal ‘thank-yous’ from participants and they are the best indicator of the trip’s impact. Visiting Israel is the single most powerful way to establish a life-long bond to and love of the Jewish State. We have seen it with our own children and are pleased to help make this important opportunity available to so many other young people.

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